Buffet Breakfast at Thyme2, Sofitel Brisbane

My very first Mother’s day coincided with my birthday this year and to celebrate this momentous occasion I was treated to breakfast at Thyme2, the buffet restaurant in the Sofitel Brisbane. Mother’s day is one of those holidays where a cafe or restaurant is the last place I’d want to be! Any food establishment half worthy of eating in, is packed full to the brim of loud, noisy kids and slow grannies – not fun at a Buffet when my ravenous stomach is demanding a feeding!

So, I opted to enjoy my special buffet breakfast the day after –

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The Christmas Spread

Baked Ham with Pineapple Glaze

Ahhh… Christmas has come and gone in a whirlwind once more and now we’re all left scrubbing our pots and pans with completely satisfied stomachs.

I was up early and enjoyed a festive morning of cooking for the big event ‘Christmas Day Lunch’. With just 5 of us, it was a small do at my place but of course there was enough food to feed twice as many (so no need to worry about cooking on Boxing day). My Dad holds the title of ‘expert ham picker’ and certainly didn’t disappoint! We all raved how it was the best Ham we’d eaten

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