My City Farm, Meet My Chooks

It really feels like I have a mini farm these days. We have had our chickens for about 4 weeks now and I absolutely love them! It took a couple of weeks for the chooks to get settled and for me to get used to having ‘pets’ to take care of. These are my first since leaving my family home, so I guess it is safe to say these are MY first ‘pets’. I use the term ‘pets’ loosely… what defines a pet? These chickens are productive, they actually contribute to the household with their fresh eggs which is my daily breakfast each morning, I take care of them and they take care of me.

Having a Dirt Bath

I had wanted chickens for at least the past 12 months. Being an avid egg lover (I may even go as far as to say eggs are my FAVORITE food, which would be a shock to those who know me as I am a keen chocoholic!!), I was becoming more and more disgruntled with the store bought eggs. They were consistently flavorless! It wouldn’t matter if I bought cage eggs, free range eggs, organic eggs, eggs from the Sunday produce market…. they were all the same different shade of bland. I knew this couldn’t be right, there had to be a way I could have eggs as they were meant to be had – in all their full flavored, golden yellow yolk goodness.

Their favorite spot in the garden: Under the Mango Tree

As it turns out, there was a way and it involved three pretty little hens. They are surprisingly easy to look after and provide hours of entertainment! Husband & I have slowly been introducing them to our yard and yesterday afternoon was the first time they were allowed to roam free. Yes, they are officially ‘free range’ chooks! Although, in reality they only seem to want to roam to the bottom of our Mango tree, conveniently located just meters away from their pen where they rummage around in the last years supply of grass clippings and dead leaves. Oh well, they certainly look happy!

The Coop

Ahh..... so refreshing! Enjoying some Watermelon

9 comments to My City Farm, Meet My Chooks

  • My son wants chickens for Christmas!!! Me, I am not too sure – how much work are they – and how many eggs do you get from 3 hens?

  • Susan

    Hi Cate, Thank you for your comment!

    At the moment I get three eggs (1 egg per hen) each morning but I have heard some chickens lay more than one. Sometimes I get double yolkers which is pretty cool!

    I have to feed them each day, change their water and clean their ‘poop’ tray where they sleep. Books I have read suggest cleaning their coop once a week but I prefer to do a quick clean each morning. Then each day at dusk, they go back into their house to sleep and I go and lock it up to prevent any vermin going in there and eating any leftover grain. I wouldn’t say it is any more work than any other pet — only these pets pay for themselves!

    They eat a combination or mixed grains and all my fruit and vege scraps.

    I think they would be a great pet for kids!

  • Wow, you own chickens in the cite…that is amazing. I have never had chickens and I live on the 18th floor so not gonna happen for me anytime soon. But that is awesome.

  • How I envy you. We now have coyotes roaming my suburban Florida neighborhood to add to the egg-eating raccoons that live here by the score. So raising chickens is out of the question for me. But I know what you mean by the better flavor of home raised chicken eggs. I was lucky enough to eat them all summer long this year at my family’s farm. A night and day difference in flavor!

  • I can’t wait to have chickens someday! How wonderful it must be to get eggs right from your backyard. I am lucky enough to get all the eggs I need from a local farm, but the backyard would be even better. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your flock!

  • Susan

    It is just fantastic! I let the chooks out this morning and collected the 3 eggs that were sitting there waiting for me, one of them had just been laid and was very warm :)

  • What handsome hens you have! And the fact that they lay eggs is such a bonus – lucky you.

  • Your little hens are so cute! I’ve had chickens now for a couple of years and I love the fresh eggs that my “girls” share with me. I’m spoiled now, and don’t like grocery store eggs one bit!

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