mmmm… Nikumaki Honpo!

If you are lucky enough to be driving around the Southside of Brisbane with a hunger craving that needs filing then look on further then Nikumaki Honpo. So, what is a nikumaki you’re thinking?

Nikumaki Honpo

I first came across Nikumaki Honpo while being designated the task of picking up a lunch time pizza at the in-laws place a couple of months ago. As I whizzed past the little unassuming shop, the little meat wrapped rice parcels caught my eye and I ‘mental ‘ noted  Nikumaki Honpo as a place to try.

Thank God I did! I love them! nikumaki are little parcels of rice wrapped in thinly shaved marinated pork, each one is garnished with a lettuce leaf and offered with free accompaniments of coriander and chilli (warning the Chilli is HOT!). Cheese is an optional extra for an additional $0.50 and worth the small cost in my opinion plus, the cheese gets a quick visit from Mr. Blow Torch, leaving it nicely browned and dripping down the sides of your meat parcel – yummo! Your meat parcel comes nicely wrapped in a cute little paper package, ready for easy transportation and consumption. The perfect takeaway food!

Nikumaki Honpo

You have to admire the Japanese for the simplicity yet scrumptiousness of their food and these heavenly parcels of meat, rice and cheese are just another example – they are just delicious!

I personally find it hard to stop at one as no matter how often I treat myself to them, I’m left wanting for more…. so go on, you’ve been working hard and deserve to indulge yourself,  stop by Nikumaki Honpo and pick one up… or two … or three!

Little M loves these too, finished ¾ of his own nikumaki. Not bad for a 9month old!

Nikumaki Honpo

3 comments to mmmm… Nikumaki Honpo!

  • Oooh, I’d give a couple of those a go! Let’s go there for lunch one day soon :)

  • CJ

    oh my gosh i love these, we live pretty close by – it’s hard not to have them on a nightly basis!

  • Phoebe Rowe

    We had the NIKUMAKI guys cater out wedding last month and friends are still telling us how much they loved the food especially the NIKUMAKI! They are also at Palm Beach markets on the Gold Coast every Saturday rain or shine. I LOVE NIKUMAKI!!!

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