Like Christmas Morning Everyday

So, every morning I wake up and rush outside to see the progress of the vege garden. The new growth of cucumbers, beans, peas etc seems to creep up on you – one day just a little flower, the next a pretty baby vegetable. It is the most exciting when you spot the first growth of a new vege. I have had little tomatoes & beans growing for a while and yesterday was the first time I noticed chilies and capsicums. I can’t wait to eat them!

My Vege Garden - Slowly Getting There

Baby Tomatoes

Baby Cucumbers

My chooks continue to roam around the yard and seem more than content to dig around in the decomposing leaves and bath in dirt. There have been a few occasions now where a chook or two has managed to explore the greater world which is our neighbours yards and unfortunately this morning was one of those times.

Under normal circumstances the chooks are inseparable, so when you can only spot one or two on their own it’s a fair indication that something is a miss and so it was this morning as I headed out to my vege garden to take some pics. One chook was by the back door with no other insight and after a quick walk around the yard I was waking my husband up prematurely to help find me the missing two.

We found them about 40 minutes later, they were in the neighbours yard I least suspected – I had not noticed one gap in the fence before today! It is surprising just how may ‘holes in fences’ you have to block off…… I thought I had found them all! We eventually caught our chickens and I was again at work with the chicken wire. Once more, I am now sure our yard is ‘chicken proof’.

One of the many 'Double Yolkers'

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