Levain Choc Chip Walnut Cookie Attempt

The Levain bakeries ‘Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie’ would have to be the BEST chocolate chip cookie I have EVER tasted!  I thought I baked a good choc chip cookie until I tried these on a trip to New York – OMG, after the first one I could not stop thinking about them!  I devoured as many as I could on my holiday, even bringing some home to torture and tease me….. unable to buy anymore at my leisure :(

Levain Choc Chip Cookie Attempt

My 2nd attempt

The cookies are giant sized, easily a whole meal and just divine with a large cup of frosty milk.  They have an amazing soft, gooey, half cooked, cookie dough center with crisp and crunchy cookie exterior and are unbelievable when still warm out of the oven.

I am obsessed with these cookies and have given it a couple attempts to try and re-create these mounds of choc chip heaven.  No success yet unfortunately :(  My latest attempt was a recipe by a fellow Levain Bakery fan Lisa Michele and while being a good choc chip cookie, it just wasn’t the Levain cookie I have come to love.

So I will continue my pursuit of this illusive cookie and attempt it again every now and then.  Oh…… If only I was a local New Yorker and could enjoy these masterpieces anytime I liked!


My 1st Attempt

My 1st Attempt

This was my first try at replicating the awesome Choc Chip Walnut Cookie from the ‘Levain Bakery’ in New York. In the top left box with the 2 cookies: the cookies on the left is a L.B. cookies, the one on the right is my cookie.  In the rest of the photo: the cookie on the right, top row is a L.B. cookie and the rest are my cookies.

Although I managed to get the cookies to look the same, unfortunately they did not taste the same. My cookies were soft all over, where the Levain Bakery cookies are crunchy on the outside and gooey / half cooked in the middle.

Fingers Crossed for attempt number 3!

3 comments to Levain Choc Chip Walnut Cookie Attempt

  • Hi Susan,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the blog post about us. We linked to it from our Facebook and Twitter pages!

    Hope to see you again next time you’re in NYC!

    Levain Bakery

  • When you do, let me know because these cookies from Lavain are awesome!

  • Hiya! I came across your blog when a pingback showed up on my blog :) Unfortunately. you’re right..my cookie isn’t quite Levain’s. On my first try, admittedly, I hadn’t had a Levain Chocolate Chip Walnut cookie in a year..so my memory convinced me it was close. Second try, after having one..thought I got closer..but nahhh. LOL

    Whatever their secret is, it’s not an easy one to decipher, although it ‘seems’ the ingreduients are exactly what you find in most chocolate chip cookie recipes! I’m going to make another attempt at it soon, with some hints from other Levain lovers and a bag of authentic Levain’s on hand this time! Hopefully, I’ll get a little closer than before, but at the very least, my big, fat cookies are good and ‘can’ satisfy if need be ;D

    BTW..so glad I found your blog. Your recipes and photos are mouth watering! Those custard pinwheels and dulce de leche cheesecake are slaying me!

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