Giveaway! Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Crust

This is a pizza on steroids! I was asked to review Crust’s newest addition to their menu: the ‘Chicago Deep Dish’ pizza $16AUD.  I am a mad pizza lover and thought I knew all there was to know about this doughy delight. Whilst I was trying to co-ordinate this review, I was baffled by the name ‘Chicago deep dish pizza’ when it was being flung to and fro via email.  How different could this pizza really be? I mean, what is left to explore in the world of pizza right? C’mon people – It’s a flat disc of dough with stuff on top! After some quick investigating on Google and good ole’ Wikipedia I was quickly eating my words. The images of the Chicago Deep dish pizzas looked like no other pizza I’d ever seen, they looked incredible! I was becoming more and more eager to try this Chicago Deep Dish for myself.

The Chicago deep dish pizza originated in (you guessed it) Chicago! It was first thought to have been conceived by Ike Sewell or one of his chefs in a restaurant known as Pizzeria Uno sometime during or soon after World War II. It has been a hit in Chicago ever since and has finally made it all the way to our shores here in Australia. I must say, I was quite impressed that someone at Crust has been innovative enough to add this pizza to their menu. I think it is a fabulous change and a must try for any self confessed pizza lover.

So what are the differences between this Chicago deep dish pizza and the thick based pan pizza? Well first of all, it looks rather different in appearance, the deep dish has a crust that continues vertically up the sides which gives the pizza an almost pie or quiche appearance and secondly the base of the Chicago deep dish isn’t actually thick, the pizzas from Crust have a wonderful thin crisp texture. The toppings are pilled in the soft doughy shell and baked as normal.

I tried both of the varieties they offer ‘Italian Sausage’ and ‘Vegetarian Antipasto’. I thought Italian Sausage would have been my favourite of the two without question as I have never been a huge antipasto fan, so I surprised myself when my preference well and truly leaned towards Antipasto. I found both pizzas to be refreshingly light compared to what I have come to expect from the usual gourmet pizzas on offer in the market. The Antipasto didn’t even leave me with a hint of greasiness, it was so good I could have sworn I had made it myself. :)

Crust is a Gourmet Pizza chain with store locations all around Australia and more on the way. I dropped in to the Hamilton store owned and operated by ex-pro basketball player Sam Mackinnon.

Click here to find your closest Crust location or to order the Chicago Deep Dish pizza online

Thanks to Crust I have 5x Chicago Deep Dish pizza vouchers to give away so you too can try this ‘pizza on steroids’ for yourself, simply leave a comment and tell me which pizza you would like to try the most from the entire Crust pizza range and why. You can enter once a day. Click here to view their extensive menu.

Competition closes 10.00pm AEST Wednesday 29/12/2010 winners will be announced online and will be notified by email. This competition is open to all Australian residents and is made possible thanks so Crust and Keep Left PR.

Crust have some awesome pizzas available like: Mexican with a refired bean base or Veggie Mousakka with a béchamel sauce base! They also cater for Gluten Free.

34 comments to Giveaway! Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Crust

  • It has to be the Peking Duck!!!! What’s not to love about that – duck, hoisin sauce, vegies – heaven on a pizza!!!!

    I have actually wanted to try a Chicago Deep Dish pizza for so long, didn’t know there was anyone around here in Oz doing it!!

    Please, please I have to try this!!!!!! Looks awesome.

  • Ummmm, I want to try the “Szechuan Chilli Prawn”. I wonder if I can ask them to make it super hot? I know it says Sweet Chilli for the base sauce – maybe I’ll just add my own special “Hot” sauce when I get this baby home – hehe.

    I have to say these pizzas look EXTREMELY appetising and I had no idea this type of pizza even EXISTED, let alone available in Australia (A remote island in the middle of nowhere) until I saw it on this website! Thank you Food Obsession lady – lol. :P

  • Good heavens, it’s a pizza galette! What a super idea. Wish we could get it here in the U.S.

  • Italian Sausage is the way to go, cos theres nothing better than the saltiness in the sausages with pizza dough and tomato paste!

  • These pizzas are incredibly different from the ones we eat in Italy!

  • I saw a documentary on this in India (of all places) comparing the Chicago pizzas to the New York versions. I haven’t tried the Chicago-style ones yet – but they look like a meal and a half (if not more)! I’d have to say Vegetarian Antipasto would be my first choice, but I’d like to try them all :)

  • Tim

    I reeaallyy want to try the italian sausage pizza because right now those pics are making me very hungry! Please e-mail me for address to post my voucher to ;-) haha

  • Puh-lease beam me in Susan…you can’t temp me with this utter deliciousness, and then limit the giveaway to Oz!! What a YUM review. I’m HUNGRY!!

  • I love deep dish pizza! My husband is a crunchy pizza kinda guy and I am a bread and topping kinda girl.

  • Wow Susan! The pizza looks to die for. I love the look and I bet the taste was wonderful! You put me in the mood of pizza now and it’s 10:40 AM! thanks :)

  • The pizza looks awesome. I am pizza lover.

  • Vonnie

    YAWWWN it is 3am again and my newborn baby has awoken for her routine feed. I had delightful pleasure in seeing your pizza with glorious pictures, I found myself wanting the 3am feed to be for me rather than for the baby. I could not look past the Vegetarian Antipasto as I can just imagine and almost taste the flavour oooz from the menu and photos. I am also curious after you pinpointed it as a surprise favourite of yours so I would choose it from the menu given the chance especially if I were to find myself with a voucher in my hot little hand.

  • I so wish I lived in Australia…this pizza looks AMAZING. I’m hoping to visit Chicago with Ryan soon, so I’m excited to try the real thing! Thank you for sharing with me. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Suz

    Hmm the antipasto looks delightful and my hubby would like to try the sausage one. I’m a little torn as a result but I’m going to be selfish and stick with the antipasto :) hmm mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  • *laughs* That store is around the corner from me! I’ve never actually tried Crust though (even though I’ve driven and walked past it many times). I might have to change that :D

  • Yum! That looks delicious. I would really like to try the Szechuan chilli prawn I think. If it was a choice of the deep dish flavours I’d probably go the antipasto one myself.

  • Kym Mulvey

    I’m reading this before breakfast, and now have a yearning for pizza….Szechuan Chilli Prawn pizza. An unusual craving for this time of day!

  • Oh man, if only I lived in Australia, I’d be all over that. Who doesn’t love a good pizza, right? Ahh, guess I’ll just have to live vicariously instead from this part of the world.

  • The pizza for me is the gluten free! My family can have the deep dish. We have recently had a Crust open in Canberra, but I haven’t tried it yet. Good on them for thinking of us InTolerants as well.

  • melissa

    im DYING to try to antipasto deep dish! especially after these pics and review!

  • Nicola

    My boyfirned and I are slightly addicted to Crust since it opened in Subiaco WA…..Chicago Deep Dish is by far my favourite and a sneaky tip it is even better when heated up in the oven the next day! Please feed my obession with some free CRUST!

  • addicted_to_crust

    I want to try the antipasto deep dish pizza but can’t because my fiance has imposed a Crust BAN on me after I ordered Crust for our Sunday night takeaway 7 weeks in a row. If I was getting it for free, however, I’m sure he’d have no problem with that – please send me that voucher!!

  • keppers

    The Peking Duck Pizza sounds interesting but amazing. Having only just got up the guts to try duck I would love to get stuck into some Crust-y Peking Duck with flavours straight from the streets of China

  • Amy Hannah

    Italian Sausage would be awesome teamed with a lush bottle of red! Perfect night in!

  • Judy

    I’d have to say Italian Sausage would be my choice but it was hard to choose. The flavours are so gourmet!

    BTW, off topic but I just have to say that I love your interpretations of the Cherry Ripe, Ferrero Rocher and Raffaelo. My favourite is Raffaelo and I never knew one could make a copycat version at home.

  • Oh wow, I’m so glad you stopped by my blog so I could discover yours and this competition. Mmm.. pizza!

    As much as I love the regular Italian sauasage I would have to give it a try with the Chicago deep dish!

  • keppers

    Szechuan Chilli Prawn Pizza sounds amazing. A new innovative take on a seafood taste. The spicy prawns combined with the hot chilli and the light bocconcini looks like a pizza that could become my crust addiction

  • Not an entry but I just have to declare that even though I have pizza puritans eschew this Chicago deep dish, I love it because it’s so tomatoey! :D

  • anastasiastarz

    I’d love to try the Peri-Peri (Marinated Chicken Breast Fillets, Shallots, Roasted Capsicum, Caramelised Onions & Bocconcini, topped with Peri-Peri sauce) as I love chicken and bocconcini.

    Didn’t know about this new pizza chain, but know that I do, we’ll have to check it out :).

  • keppers

    Would <3 just a taste of the Satay Pizza. I love anything with Satay on it be it meat, vegetables or even a cake. So to try it on a Pizza will most likely be my newest addiction

  • ken

    Moroccan Lamb for me,
    love everything I see,
    Even to the hint of mint
    I’m sure you’ll all agree.

  • I am a nut for the Peking Duck, this sounds AMAZING. Marinated Peking Duck breast fillets, Steamed Bok Choy, Shallots & Sesame Seeds, garnished with Fresh Chilli on a Hoisin Sauce base. Drooooooolllll!

    I have been meaning to get to Crust, the reviews are always wonderful. Yummo, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Was planning on a stir fry, now thinking Pizza. :0)

  • Nicole

    Without a doubt it would have to be the Moroccan Lamb. The combination of lamb and mint yoghurt is to die for at the best of times, and the thought of it on a pizza is making my mouth water!

    Crust has actually opened up recently in my area and to be honest I hadn’t really thought much about it until I just checked out their menu now, I will definitely give them a go.

  • lilian

    WOW !! look at the meat delux pizza with 6 differant types of meat and a bbq sauce base, its carnavore heaven!! enough to convert the most diehard vegetarian into thinking look what i`ve been missing out on! a true gastronomic party in the mouth and everyones invited,not for the faint of heart or stomach,i`d love to give that one the taste challange i`m sure it would leave me wanting for nothing more….yuuuummmmmm!!!

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