Black and White Cookie Fiasco

So I had an interesting Halloween this year: I baked the best cookies in the world and possibly the worst cookies in the world all on the same day. I’m not complaining though………………  I can’t be fantastic all the time right? LOL!

This was my first attempt at the Black and White Cookie, I tried my first one in New York and it was pretty good :) I really wanted to share this little piece of American pop-culture cuisine with my family and friends as the closest thing we have here in Oz is the Neenish tart – it looks the same in that one half is black (well… chocolate really) and the other half is pink but the similarities end there. The rest of the Neenish tart is a tart/pie base filled with pastry cream or custard.

Oh well…. there is always next time. They ended up looking pretty good though! You can read the history of the Black and White Cookie here.

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